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Art and Photography NewsWithin the winter of 1988, at the Institute of Modern Art in Philadelphia, an exhibition opened, triggering outrage. I Wait , 1872, exhibits a baby with angel’s wings resting its chin on folded arms and carrying the bored expression that brings to thoughts the underwhelmed cherubs in Raphael’s Sistine Madonna Such images were not direct quotations from work, but they raised in the viewer’s thoughts a string of associations that gave images a historical hinterland.

Born in Poland, educated in Switzerland, resident in Caracas, Venezuela from 1975-83, and now dwelling in Paris, Gabriela Morawetz is a very international citizen and artist, who has exhibited in galleries and museums across North and South America and Europe, including the Chicago Cultural Center, the Gallery of Modern Art in Lodz, Poland, The Recanaty Foundation Museum in Israel, and the Museo de Arte Contemporaneo in Caracas.

To be more specific, Colossal says they’re currently searching for submissions within the realm of visual artwork, images, sculpture, painting, installation, collage, paper, illustration or drawing, street artwork, architecture, industrial design, textile, animation, documentaries, and anything involving a strong (generally non-digital) visual side.

McBride’s trajectory into images is a reminder that we don’t all need to subscribe to the Mark Zuckerberg model of success and construct an empire before turning 30. It is by no means too late to start anew and McBride is a perfect example of taking over a brand new problem and excelling.

When you go searching for quotes about images or artwork, you will typically find either quotes about images or quotes about artwork separately, but up to now I have not discovered an article or publication that combines both beneath the identical intention, and is aimed to advantageous art photographers.