Creative Ways to Display Your Photos in Your Home

5 Easy and Creative Ways to Use Family Photos for Home Decor

The older we get, the more sentimental we become about our photographs. We like displaying printed pictures of ourselves and our families around the house. It does not even matter what the photos are about, so long as the people, things, and places in them make us happy.

Usually, we have our photographs printed and then pick out fancy frames to put them in. We hang them in the house or place them on a desk or tabletop. We get craftier with DIY skills and experience. We find newer ways to display our photographs in the home.

Frames are a good option for displaying our photographs. There is a feeling of satisfaction with finding more creative ways to show our pictures. When doing DIYs for displaying your pictures, you will need a few supplies. You can get them with the Shutterfly coupon and free shipping code at a discount. Here are some creative ways to display your photos in your home.

Wall Gallery

This is a stylish way to display your photos if you have decided to frame them. You pick various types of frames and different designs. You arrange them on the wall of the room of your choice. You will create an eye-catching and modern look. The eccentric gallery wall will attract the attention of anyone who walks into that room.


The collage idea acts as one massive frame holding numerous photos. It is made by sticking pictures in the order you want on a foam core board. You use Mod Podge to seal in the pictures. It is an inexpensive DIY to try out on your own. You can use a black background with colored photos to make them pop more. You could also use a colored background with black and white images.

Round Cardboard Frames

This idea calls for repurposing creativity. You use toilet rolls and empty paper towels to make the creative round frames. The frames can vary in size based on the roll you use. You can paint them on the inside and the outside in whichever color you prefer. You can use two different colors to go wild with it. You place the photos in the center.

Standing Frames

You can invest in creating copper standing frames to hold your photos. These are free-standing frames that you use to hold pictures. They add a unique aesthetic to a room. They are a unique way to show off your photos since they stand out. They are better if you have a big room to place them in since they occupy some space.


You can choose to turn your refrigerator into a photo display. You can get photo holding magnets at your local store and put up pictures on your refrigerator. This is an excellent idea since you can rearrange the photos at any time. You can also add images as often as you want.


There are myriad ways you can display photos in your home. These are just a few simple ways to do it. The possibilities are endless, with many creative DIY ideas to utilize. You can bring nature into the house, create different frames with cardboard, and so on. It is all up to you.