4 Useful and Fun Hobbies To Foster During The Pandemic

Hobbies help develop our taste and passion in life – goes the old saying, this is why everyone needs a hobby. From singing to dancing, cooking, swimming, very few of them are ever considered productive hobbies. So if you’re looking for useful and fun hobbies that would help enhance your productivity and proficiency during this pandemic, check out the hobbies below sourced from the opinions of hobbyists on reviewsbird.co.uk.

●      Read A Book

This is no doubt one of the most productive hobbies out there. Well, you must have heard that the most successful people have a keen interest in reading. This is because it does not only strengthen the functionality of the brain but it reduces stress, builds your vocabulary, boosts your overall happiness and many other benefits you could ever think of. So go to the bookstore or your local library, or even visit e-learning platforms to read fiction and non-fiction. If you do need a useful hobby this pandemic period, then reading it is!

●      Play A Game

Do you need a productive and fun hobby to widen your horizon? This is it! Most people think spending your free time on playing games is a total waste of time… Well they think wrong. A good number of games help you in numerous ways you could ever think of board games, for instance, are known to have been a blessing to man since the invention of Monopoly in the eighties. It has not only gotten better since then, now there are numerous forms of board games which range from Scrabble to Chess, Checkers, Clue, Draughts to mention but a few.

Rubics, puzzles; there’s always a game for you. You can find the ones that would interest you, along with a few people you will enjoy playing with. Be sure it would sharpen your mind, polish your problem-solving skills and improve your ability to plan and strategize during this pandemic.

●       Learn A Language

As much as a multiple language on your resume would make it look fantabulous, there are greater deals to adding another language to your box of languages. This hobby would add to your knowledge of other people’s culture, improve your memory as well as your skills and would definitely come in handy when traveling.

●      Meditating

A lot of people don’t recognize meditating as a hobby. Well if most of us tend to think of hobbies as a way to benefit ourselves, then meditating should be a hobby too. Meditating is known to improve one’s focus and memory. By making a little time at least 10minutes per day, Its great recharging capacity would energize you throughout the day. If you’re finding it hard to strategize for your work or business, then  meditation is the best stress reliever that would help to calm your thoughts and emotions for a better strategy.


Though there are many useful and fun hobbies you can lay your hands on, taking the above hobbies as a starter wouldn’t hurt. So, take up a hobby and enjoy adding to your skills in this pandemic.