Promoting your brand the best way

You have organised an event. Very clever of you, because it offers many advantages. You have the opportunity to promote your brand, but also to get to know your customers and business relations. Chatting to them, making sure they have fun and serving tasty snacks and drinks; it’s all part of the job. If you do this well, it can be very rewarding. If you do it wrong, it can take a lot away. This is of course not the intention and we understand that. We are therefore going to give you a hand with how to do this in the best way. There are of course many options, but only one can be the best. That best way is explained to you in this blog in an understandable, original and concrete way. So you know exactly what to expect and how to really make an impact. The first impression is often the most lasting impression, so let’s make good use of it. Curious? Then read on, we are more than happy to help you with your cool event!


First things first; the photos. Photos are a fun way to immortalise memories and this also applies to photos at your event. It is therefore of great importance that you start using those photos. If you want a nice photograph, you should hire someone to do it. The person you hire should be able to handle a Polaroid camera, the custom Polaroid film and of course be a bit sociable. This is not difficult to find or to learn, but why is it necessary? We will tell you below. We’ll let you in on a little secret: these aren’t just any photos.

Branded frames

We have already told you, but these are not just any photos. They are Polaroid photos but it gets even better; it’s a branded instant photo. So what is that? Well, from a Polaroid camera you get a picture printed out after you take the picture. You get this picture now, but with a frame around it of your brand. So you’re giving away a souvenir and you’re showing people that your brand has done all this. You give a lasting memory that shows that you have a personal approach, that you go through fire and water for your customers and business relations, and so on. Try it out, it will pay off and you will be thankful for these tips.…