NBA Free-Agency Rumors Tracker

While the potential impact of NBA free service often outshines the true process, that the 2019 version appears it’s going to live up to the hype.
We already have news of Kyrie Irving linking the Brooklyn Nets and Kevin Durant. Kemba Walker is heading into the Boston Celtics, while Terry Rozier is taking his position with the Charlotte Hornets. Khris Middleton is staying with the Milwaukee Bucks. And, well, that is just the beginning.
The rumor mill remains every bit as active as you would anticipate, and we’re here to help you remain on top of it.
Scroll below for all of the updates of everything, smokescreens and legitimate information in between. B/R’s team of NBA experts will pass along all the latest buzz and, even more importantly, analyze what it really means.
One of those few Los Angeles Lakers free agents who’d have made a lot of sense with LeBron James and Anthony Davis isn’t going to sit around and wait Kawhi Leonard’s choice.
“Free agent Reggie Bullock has consented to two-year, $21M deal to sign with the New York Knicks,” Stadium and The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported.
Because of his career, Bullock is a 39.2 percent three-point shot. The LeBron/AD pick-and-rolls would’ve been difficult to key in on if Bullock were on the wing or at the corner, demanding attention at the three-point line.
Evidently, Kawhi would serve that goal . But there’s still no guarantee. The more L.A. has to wait, the more possible fits it may miss out on.

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