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ArtPublic art has the power to encourage, provoke and problem individuals. The artistic decline we are seeing culturally could be very outstanding, very clear right now in case you just have a look at what individuals are accepting as art. Thus, the sharing and evaluating stories among friends is an effective strategy to foster students’ self-expression and motivation in writing (Malita as cited in Hack and Helwa, 2014).

Briefly, if newspapers were written by individuals whose sole object in writing was to inform the reality about politics and the truth about art we should not consider in battle, and we should consider in art. Instructor may select or create an introductory digital storytelling a couple of certain matter and have college students to brainstorm their ideas on the topic given.

The limitations are it requires secure and fast web connection, it requires an e-mail address for a new person who indicators up for the primary time, it has limited artwork, and it has no apparent filter which might lead the students to have the ability to view potentially inappropriate supplies.

The work of art … is an instrument for tilling the human psyche, that it may proceed to yield a harvest of vital magnificence. Finally, as stated by Hull (2006), through Storybird, students grow to be extra acutely aware of and assured in telling tales that will hold the attention of the audience.

This ensures a extraordinarily high quality level and focuses exclusively in skilled artists. The outcomes of the research present that Storybird as a digital storytelling web site can simply be integrated right into a curriculum, particularly for ‘writing for fluency’.