Jay Warshavsky - Fashion Photographer NY

Jay Warshavsky - famous fashion photographer NY, author of the best street style-Anna Wintour pictures, Carine Roitfeld, Anna Dello Russo and other fashion personalities. His pictures can be seen on the pages of Vogue, New York Times, In Style. Jay told Kelliekano why not very fond of famous designers and believes that a truly interesting in the world of fashion.

Kelliekano: Jay, within MBFW Almaty you read a lecture on the language of expression, can you tell us more about this?

Jay: I was just talking about how he express myself and that I find interesting in the world of fashion, especially what is happening on the streets, or backstage. I show people pictures from around the world, trying to convey what is not spoken aloud - not about brands, not about celebrity fashion and how fashion allows people to communicate without words. Most attracts me how people express themselves through gestures and facial expressions. But the best thing - when you see a man dressed according to what he is, his personality. I believe that this is the best communication tool. We all somehow gives signals about what we, through that, what we wear. If a man dressed all in black, like me, this may indicate that it is simple and minimalistic, if the person something colorful and crazy - it is likely to eccentric and with a strong personality. However, in this there is a downside, which I do not like: fashion allows some people to wear masks.

Kelliekano: And how do you distinguish the truth from the mask?

Jay: This is clear. You know the problem of street-fashion that some people specially dressed in "brands". Let's say you become an "important" person recognizable brands specially supply you with their clothing to show your followers that you are dressed in, say, Valentino - it's expensive, it's cool ... success! It is difficult, but the work I try to stay away from the glamor and luxury, I'm looking for self-expression as human beings. The way people are dressed in ordinary days - the best indicator of what they really are.

Kelliekano: Does the fashion for those who are not chasing after her?

Jay: Absolutely. When there are fashion trends, I ask myself, do I need it and I understand that there is, but it takes some time, and I'll buy it. So it was with Rick Owens sneakers for Adidas. I was on the show, when they presented for the first time and thought that for the ugliness ... Now I have my own steam. I have seen them many times on people whom I respect and whom I admire. We are all influenced by the people, and it's kind of a people-marketing. I'm not very fond of fashion-shows, because the catwalk go perfect model, but when I see these clothes on who I really like, I think - wow, I want that too! This is such a healthy consumer interest. People who do not chase fashion, in any case, a fact that is dictated by the top-end designers only at H & M and Zara. I do not support the idea of ​​stealing other people's development, but it allows ordinary people to be involved in fashion and look good. And it's great!

Kelliekano: You may like to comment on the phenomenon of unjustified high cost of some brands?

Jay: It's a question of status. Believe me, people who can afford a bag Hermes, turn their millions, and for them the 10 thousand dollars was of little value. But I do not understand this trend, the pursuit of expensive brands. I myself would never have spent so much money on a bag, and even if he had spent, it would be one of a kind unique bag made by any non-profit, but a very talented designer. Luxury brands, luxury - I try to stay away from it. High fashion - it's a matter of money, self-expression through clothes - the question yourself, and it's much more interesting.

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