Introduction to Dota 2

Welcome to Dota 2, a game where the forces of good and evil have no limits, where there are no rules, where good and evil are enfretan every day without rest, where power you have it. Build a team, take it to the Victoria, rampaging in tournaments, or play solo, just only your enemies kneeing, Welcome to Dota 2

If you are lucky enough to read this guide consider yourself lucky, you bring her experience of many players, and very advanced wrath, because most players do not read a guide, and many do not know what a build.

Dota 2, according to Wikipedia, is a game of the genre MOBA, ie where several players enfretan in an arena, with desarrolo Valve and design IceFrog, comes from its predecessor DotA, Valve, adapto DotA, with some changes graphics, design to create the Dota we know now. It was not possible to classify, but according to Valve, considered a RTS (Real Time Strategy) action by the frenzy of their games, and that is that they have to wait around at any minute, anywhere.

First of all, Dota 2 ea described and considered as an excellent test of teamwork, coordination and intellectual development when making decisions.

Dota is as mentioned before an RTS of action, that is, your view is from above in the third person, guiding our character, as the mechanics of a RTS works, if you do not know the mechanics I leave a link third: Link to RTS description.

It is important to have very fast hands and quick reaction, although that was developed playing more than anything, but like everything, there are people who have better skills, to press keys faster, and quickly react. Drugs and alcohol cause, adverse effect, produce a reduction in the speed at which we react, and damage the nervous system, producing a deterioration of the senses, therefore, Kids, do not take drugs.

Therefore the mechanics of Dota 2 is an RTS which has a frantic action, ie, we must be alert and ready for anything and now clarifying that go to the main mechanics in detail.

In Dota 2 we will control one of two factions, the Radiant (Good) and Dire (Mal) in which we will destroy the Ancestor of our enemy, which is located in the lower left corner of the map in the case of Radiant and in the case of Dire in the top right corner of the map, they are protected by Torres and periodically in the barracks that are located near Ancestor "creeps" who are warriors or AI-controlled soldiers who have orders to destroy the Ancient generated enemy It has established its routes, and can not be diverted. They are not very strong, but at the beginning of the game, can be lethal, they are divided into:

Melee: armed with swords, advancing doggedly to his goal, his strength is based on the number, mainly help the heroes and help maintain the lines
Distance: Creeps with Báculos attacking distance, have mana, which influences some things (we shall see this) game, is usually 1 Batallon, and only supports the other creeps
Machined: Creeps machine that are responsible for destroying enemy towers, not generated from the beginning but after some waves, perform moderate to towers damage, which are indicated at pressing their attack speed is not very fast, and They are easily destroyed by the towers, but they can make a difference on dota 2 bets.

Now we will belong to a faction random in each game, with teams of 5 against 5 players, and we will destroy the Ancestor of our enemy. The map is divided into 3 paths, called paths, for which the creeps, which circulate in waves every 30 seconds in each send, besiege the enemy Ancestor, these paths are the same length, do not enter them, they measure the same thing you are it dire or Radiant, and are protected by two towers on the road, placed in a row, so the creeps face and assail each other, these are supported by Heroes, which are controlled by players, it has 109 Heroes, different , capabilities, and defects habilidaes, different from each other. Then we discuss the topic of Heroes, now talk map.

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