Jay Warshavsky - Fashion Photographer NY

Jay Warshavsky - famous fashion photographer NY, author of the best street style-Anna Wintour pictures, Carine Roitfeld, Anna Dello Russo and other fashion personalities. His pictures can be seen on the pages of Vogue, New York Times, In Style. Jay told Kelliekano why not very fond of famous designers and believes that a truly interesting in the world of fashion.

Beautiful Russian brides are a popular choice

It is a sad but realistic fact is there are far too many lonely people in the world who live their life purely on their own. Unable to find a loving relationship or individual to spend time with, they go each day through the daily grind of life with no one to share their hopes and aspirations with or even their despair.

Introduction to Dota 2

Welcome to Dota 2, a game where the forces of good and evil have no limits, where there are no rules, where good and evil are enfretan every day without rest, where power you have it. Build a team, take it to the Victoria, rampaging in tournaments, or play solo, just only your enemies kneeing, Welcome to Dota 2

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